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Chanel’s New Ad Campaign Is Missing All the Fun of the Spring 2019 Collection

There’s nothing worse than an advertising campaign that doesn’t reflect the vibe of a collection. For Karl Lagerfeld’s Spring 2019 Chanel show, he turned an elaborate man-made beach into a runway to serve as a picturesque and idyllic backdrop for the playful collection. Now, that mood is completely absent from the collection’s campaign, which was shot in Lagerfeld’s studio (once again) against a drab backdrop. Styled by Carine Roitfeld, the ads feature an ensemble cast of models, including Vittoria Ceretti, Sarah Dahl, Adesuwa Aighewi, Hyun Ji Shin, Rebecca Leigh Longendyke, Nora Attal and Kris Grikaite.

Chanel S/S 2019 by Karl Lagerfeld


Members of our forums declared the campaign a total missed opportunity. “Hate it. Don’t like the boyish hair, too many models and don’t like the studio-ness of it all. Next,” said Scotty the second the campaign dropped.

“With such a fresh runway presentation this falls flat! Really boring and soulless. The casting is really insipid and the fact they used so many people is kind of absurd. I guess they thought the concept was so weak they had to go overboard for the casting,” said Creative.

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“Too many girls in one picture. Awful hair and makeup, and a boring background (same as last season). What’s happening?” wondered anlabe32.

“This campaign is as unimaginative as last season. For summer?? Since studio settings are the norm in fashion photography now, at least try to cook up something unique. The lighting is awful and the composition is off. Terrible campaign,” slammed Benn98.

Bluestar also called out the questionable casting: “There are way too many girls here and they don’t carry the campaign. It’s not that they look bad but there’s nothing very special here. Imagine if the cast was along the lines of Luna [Bijl], Adut [Akech], and Rianne [van Rompaey]. This would have been 10x better!”

“Dire. No more, no less,” stated Fiercification.

Guimon agreed. “What a sad campaign. I absolutely hate the gray background. Not even a good cast/variety of stunning girls could save this,” he said.

Chanel S/S 2019 by Karl Lagerfeld


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