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Brilliant or Boring? Lady Gaga Returns to the Cover of V Magazine for the Umpteenth Time

Magazines have a habit of favoring certain cover subjects and V Magazine certainly cannot resist a Lady Gaga cover. Quite possibly the magazine’s most-featured cover star, Lady Gaga returns to commemorate a decade of collaborating with the New York-based arts, music and fashion publication. Released just as “Shallow” finally reached number one on the charts, V commissioned photographer Jean-Paul Goude to capture the multi-hyphenate for the Spring 2019 Issue #118. Starring on two unique covers, Gaga channels her inner Vegas showgirl wearing a Giorgio Armani Privé gown on the first cover (below) and goes incognito hiding behind a stack of hay for the second cover.

For a select few of our forum members, this was yet another example of V Magazine on repeat. “Gaga on the cover of V? Groundbreaking,” stated RMDV the second the covers struck.

“It’s always the same crap: the old Gaga is back but not really. V Magazine and Gaga, we don’t need you anymore! Rihanna is pushing fashion forward in Hollywood and Beyoncé is pushing the mainstream sound, so this is pointless to me,” voiced ghostwriter10549.

“This magazine lives on repeat. Please Stephen [Gan] go away,” pleaded caioherrero.

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“No idea why this gets so much hate! Interesting cover, an unusual take on Gaga and her awards – all well deserved,” defended dontbeadrag.

LastNight agreed: “I love this! V covers have been dull for a while and although it’s nothing new for them to feature Gaga, I think the end result is fantastic. They’re one of few magazines who can get away with more avant-garde cover shots, probably due to their logo and layout.”

“Always a thrill to see what they do with Gaga. For a magazine that is far from their once bold and innovative covers, this seems a nice return to form. Clever and conceptual,” raved timandnorah.

“We’ve been so overwhelmed by sterile, passionless imagery, that the sight of kooky, couture-clad Gaga back on her 2009 shtick is more than welcome. Excited for the whole shoot,” wrote Melancholybaby.

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