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Rianne van Rompaey Returns to the Cover of Vogue Italia for April 2019

Our forums have been notoriously hard on Emanuele Farneti ever since he took the helm of Vogue Italia back in 2017, and not even the likes of Lauren Hutton, Lara Stone, Madonna or Gigi Hadid have managed to save Farneti’s questionable covers. He’s still powering on (amid some major staff changes) and Italian Vogue‘s offering for April 2019 is here. Fresh from the cover of Vogue Paris, Rianne van Rompaey makes a reappearance, captured on the shores of the Mediterranean by photographer Karim Sadli, and styled in head-to-toe Chanel by Max Pearmain.

Vogue Italia April 2019 : Rianne Van Rompaey by Karim Sadli


Was it enough to impress the tFS forums? “Better than their previous offerings! The art direction is also better,” confessed MON.

“Quite possibly Farneti’s best cover since his debut with Grace Elizabeth by Meisel. Kudos to Karim’s photography for bringing up a livelier charm from that Chanel ensemble,” added Ken Doll Jenner.

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“I love it! Poetic and a sense of nostalgia about it,” chanelh admired.

Morgane07 agreed: “I really like the covers and the more I look at them, the more I love them. They are a great mix of modern/fresh and classic/romantic.”

Miss Dalloway was also pleasantly surprised. “Whoa, I love these and didn’t expect it to, at all! Well done to Sadli, never been a fan!”

Also just as enthusiastic was Lola701: “I find it quite fabulous! And suddenly, I want him to photograph the Chanel campaigns! It’s glamorous and energetic!”

Vogue Italia April 2019 : Rianne Van Rompaey by Karim Sadli


A select few weren’t so thrilled. “I find it quite pedestrian I’m afraid. There is nothing that captivates me here,” commented dodencebt.

“When I saw Karim Sadli’s name, I was expecting a clean and crisp studio shot. Something he excels at, so I’m kinda disappointed by this,” added mikel.

“A model also makes a picture. Maybe because I’m tired of seeing Rianne, I find them pretty boring,” shared Ed.

GivenchyHomme wrote, “This is so boring and unoriginal and it has nothing to do with Rianne. Maybe Naomi Campbell could pull it off, but even that’s a stretch.”

HeatherAnne agreed: “The fact is nobody will remember this cover in a few years time, not even her fans. Utterly forgettable.”

Vogue Italia April 2019 : Rianne Van Rompaey by Karim Sadli


Take a look at the cover shoot in all its glory and share your thoughts here.