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Rihanna Sports a Bold Makeup Look on the May Cover of Harper’s Bazaar

You will often hear our forums complain that Harper’s Bazaar is in dire need of a revamp thanks to overused cover subjects and recycled cover shoot concepts. The American fashion title must have been listening as the latest issue shows no signs cover stars being suspended 50 feet above the ground or overdone Photoshop, just a striking close-up of Rihanna (making her fourth appearance) wearing bold makeup looks for the annual beauty issue, shot by Dennis Leupold.

US Harper’s Bazaar May 2019 : Rihanna by Dennis Leupold


Was it enough to entice our forum members? “This is too much! The eye makeup with a bare neck and a more subtle lipstick would have been more than enough,” said A.D.C the moment the newsstand cover (above) struck.

“It just looks like they dumped every product in her makeup range on her face at once. I don’t see much art in this look, unless the end effect they were going for was macaw parrot,” said tigerrouge.

“That cover is atrocious. Those makeup colors are chalky and downright ugly. And not applied in the least artistic way,” added dfl-001.

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Srdjan agreed: “When Rihanna promotes her new makeup, it can’t be subtle! Remember her ELLE cover from 2017, it was so clownish!”

Yet not everyone loathed the outcome. “Wow, I like this, actually. This will look great in print and will stand out at the newsstands,” Miss Dalloway said.

“Luckily, she’s the kind of woman that can pull this off. If it were anyone else the cover would look a thousand times worse, her beauty makes it bearable,” confessed aracic.

“What I can certainly appreciate about all of this, is just how un-Bazaar it is and an absolute far cry from the magazine’s norm. Everything from the yellow masthead, the garish makeup and the fact Rihanna was shot at ground level, it’s… different!” noted vogue28.

Slayage could not have agreed more: “Now this is what I’ve been waiting for from Glenda [Bailey], something different! Rihanna couldn’t be a better fit for this since she’s basically the only one who can pull off a look like this and look absolutely stunning in it.”

US Harper’s Bazaar May 2019 : Rihanna by Dennis Leupold


Check out the rest of Rihanna’s cover shoot and share your thoughts with us, here.