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Céline Dion Plays Peekaboo in Valentino on ELLE’s Disappointing June 2019 Cover

Nina Garcia has been killing it with ELLE‘s cover stars of late, calling upon the likes of Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid for recent issues of the magazine and at this rate, whatever the competition can do, Nina can do far better. ELLE‘s latest features living legend Céline Dion for June 2019. Photographed by Tom Munro with Charles Varenne on styling duties, L’Oréal Paris’ new brand ambassador wears a showstopping Valentino creation in the cover shot proving more is always better.

US Elle June 2019 : Celine Dion by Tom Munro


For our forum members, however, the cover was a total flop. “Tom Munro is so much better than this and why does she look like Nina Garcia?” asked mepps.

“As pretentious as her sudden fashion enlightenment,” added Srdjan.

“I’m disappointed. She is trying to build a high-fashion image and she let Nina do this to her? This is plain and basic, too American-oriented, there is nothing here, hiding the face doesn’t make you look like a mysterious couture lady,” declared an underwhelmed ghostwriter10549.

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Also left shaking their head was dfl-001: “Who is asking for this?! How many people in the industry were pining for a sudden Céline resurgence? The magazine industry is faltering not from lack of interest or ad revenue moving online. It’s because they got boring as hell.”

“That cover doesn’t do her justice at all… a plain and basic US ELLE cover. If I saw this on newsstands, nothing in that cover would intrigue me to buy it,” proclaimed slayage.

“It’s a striking shot, but it doesn’t work as a cover. One could hardly identify her with all that fabric covering half her face. Major kudos for such an unexpected cover subject, though,” reasoned Ken Doll Jenner.

Did Céline deserve better? Check out the accompanying shoot and share your thoughts here.