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Not Even Zendaya Can Save Vogue’s Disappointing June 2019 Cover

More often than not, our forums can predict who might turn up on the covers of our favorite fashion glossies (because Anna Wintour isn’t exactly unpredictable). Zendaya is making a comeback on the cover of Vogue and, not to brag, we called this one back in December. Almost two years after her debut, Zendaya was photographed by Tyler Mitchell and styled by Camilla Nickerson for the June 2019 issue. Giving us major The Great Gatsby vibes, the 22-year-old glistens in Ralph Lauren, working a no-makeup makeup look and a finger-wave hairstyle in the cover shot.

US Vogue June 2019 : Zendaya by Tyler Mitchell


But the cover wasn’t exactly a hit. “Very jumbled! The makeup looks fresh and almost natural, but the hairdo and dress are glam? Doesn’t go together. And then you have the odd backdrop, but with a red masthead? Doesn’t work for me, I’m afraid,” voiced Benn98 the moment the cover dropped.

“The image itself is nice, but the art direction leaves much to be desired. The red masthead and the black and white text is confusing me,” said MON.

“I don’t get Anna’s fascination with red mastheads. Always ruins nice cover images,” amby pointed out.

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Marc10 was also not exactly impressed: “Hate this. Hair and makeup are awful, the outfit is unflattering, bad lighting and background… all wrong.”

“It doesn’t work. The hair and the dress and good god the awful headlines,” echoed SLFC.

Bertrando3 felt majorly underwhelmed, too. “I usually always love her pictures, but this photographer is not a Vogue-worthy photographer: the editorial is bad, very weak, it feels unresolved. From the cropping, the styling, the poses, it’s like a behind-the-scenes shoot rather than a finished product. NEXT!”

Ouch. Better luck next month, Vogue. See Zendaya’s accompanying cover feature and join the conversation here.