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Brilliant or Boring? Gisele Bündchen Covers Vogue Paris for the 11th Time

Emmanuelle Alt is notorious for welcoming back cover girls to the cover of Vogue Paris time and time again. It was just last month that Rianne van Rompaey scored her second cover within three months and now Gisele Bündchen is back for her 11th cover appearance on the French fashion bible — surprising not a single one of our forum members. The cover shoot took place on the Caribbean island of Nevis (albeit the supermodel was photographed up against a white backdrop for the two cover images) with Mikael Jansson behind the lens and Emmanuelle on styling duties for the title’s June/July 2019 edition. In cover one (below), the current face of Missoni strikes a pose in a black and white Chanel swimsuit and sports a Louis Vuitton jacket in cover two (after the jump).

Vogue Paris June/July 2019 : Gisele Bündchen by Mikael Jansson


Gisele’s comeback had our forums divided. “Really? Gisele on a June/July cover for French Vogue? Groundbreaking,” announced an underwhelmed Lax89.

“Such a transparent money grab. Alt’s VP may be the most directional of the top four, but she’s the least daring of them all when it comes to cover subjects,” Benn98 added.

“I’m so tired of the VP model cycle. Edie [Campbell], Kate [Moss], Gisele [Bündchen] or Anna [Ewers], for how many years now? Is there really only like 10 good models in this world in Alt’s eyes?” questioned WilliamsLe010919.

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Also far from impressed was apple: “Soooo lazy, from the choice of the model to the styling, from the background to the photography.”

But Miss Dalloway wasn’t complaining. “Love it, garish art direction and all! It’s Gisele that once again elevates even bad art direction, that is why her brand and model service will never go out of fashion! She will be booking covers for the rest of her life because she is that good and she sells!”

“I am actually happy to see Gisele. I suppose she is a safe choice, but then again at least she always delivers,” reasoned KateTheGreatest.

“It’s such a cliché, Gisele for a summer Vogue Paris cover, but damn it that hair and that body, it works every time,” Melancholybaby admitted.

Vogue Paris June/July 2019 : Gisele Bündchen by Mikael Jansson


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