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Gigi Hadid and Giampaolo Sgura Aren’t a Match Made in Heaven for Vogue Mexico

Anything Bella Hadid can do, Gigi Hadid can do better, right? The sisters are currently in fierce competition and the battle is over who can amass the highest amount of Vogue covers. Gigi just scored her fourth of 2019 (while sister Bella currently holds a total of five). Fresh from Vogue Czechoslovakia, Gigi makes her debut as a Vogue Mexico cover girl for June 2019. Gigi poses on the beach before the lens of photographer Giampaolo Sgura serving up a pair of covers styled by Paul Cavaco.

Vogue Mexico June 2019 : Gigi Hadid by Giampaolo Sgura


Neither cover hit the spot for our forum members, however. “Definitely not a good look for Gigi. I can’t believe a so-called respected fashion photographer is responsible for this,” proclaimed Benn98 the moment the covers came out.

“Bland and simple covers, typical boring photography by Sgura,” burbuja8910 chimed in.

“It’s a very sad expression, especially for a summer cover. I expected more from Cavaco,” Xone added.

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“Summertime sadness,” echoed an underwhelmed MDNA.

In agreement was Zposen: “The clothes look awkward on her, hate the styling.”

Also quick to take aim at the styling was MON, asking, “Who in their right minds would suggest this look to its readers? Like ew.”

“Poor all around. Gigi always falls flat with a natural no-makeup look — she needs full-on glamour to shine. As for Sgura, his leverage in the fashion industry never ceases to amaze me considering what a poor photographer he is. How does he keep booking these jobs?!” asked a dumbfounded 333101.

ogue Mexico June 2019 : Gigi Hadid by Giampaolo Sgura


You have to admit this isn’t Gigi’s finest moment. Share your thoughts and see more from the issue here.