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Bella Hadid Really Shines on Two Amazing ELLE France Covers

Bella Hadid is newsstand gold and continues to be a regular fixture on top fashion glossies. Over the past six months alone, the current face of Moschino and Versace has amassed a plethora of covers, including Vogue Russia, Vogue Greece, Vogue Spain and Vogue Japan. Bella’s latest addition to her portfolio is a set of covers for French ELLE. Shot down on the beach in Malibu by Zoey Grossman, Bella is your quintessential beach babe wearing a striped Eugenia Kim hat and Bulgari jewelry on cover one (below) and sports a black lacy Christian Dior number for the second cover (after the jump).

Elle France June 28, 2019 : Bella Hadid by Zoey Grossman


Bella completely won over our forums. “Beautiful, the thing is they really knew how to perfectly use Bella. She might be one-note, but that one note is stuff like this,” noted Miss Dalloway.

“WOW!! STUNNING PICTURE!!” proclaimed an elated jorgepalomo.

“Only love for this…” said KissMiss.

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Also impressed by the outcome was Ken Doll Jenner: “Now that is a timeless image. Bella Hadid may be a one-trick pony, but with the right styling, direction and photographer, she’s capable of arresting glamour.”

“Stunning. It’s like Helena [Christensen] staring back at us from 1993,” raved A.D.C.

“This is STUNNING. There are a lot of valid points against Bella, but it’s undeniable that the woman takes stunning photographs. This is no different. I love this,” shared MON.

“Wow! What a beautiful and striking cover. Bella has been killing it lately. I’m actually starting to like her,” GivenchyHomme admitted.

Nomar described the first cover as “simple and timeless” and we couldn’t agree more.

Elle France June 28, 2019 : Bella Hadid by Zoey Grossman


Bella’s cover feature is also a total must-see. Check it out and share your thoughts here.