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Elle Macpherson Is Back on the Cover of Vogue Australia After a 20-Year Hiatus

There are some things that just go together, like Kate Moss and British Vogue and Steven Meisel and Vogue Italia. We’re always happy when our favorite fashion glossies champion their homegrown talent so we’re pleased to see Vogue Australia welcome Elle Macpherson back on its cover for August 2019 (after an unforgivable 20-year hiatus). Elle was photographed by Nicole Bentley and styled by Kate Darvill down under with her two sons for the charming cover image.

Vogue Australia August 2019 : Elle Macpherson & Sons by Nicole Bentley


Perhaps a solo cover starring Elle would’ve went down better on our forums? “So…does her oldest want to model or something? Can’t see any other reason for this cover,” remarked 333101 the moment the cover dropped.

“Um, when did Vogue turn into some other magazine that does this like Vanity Fair?” asked Scotty.

“More like Hello!” mocked a disapproving Melancholybaby.

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“Well you’re spot on,” replied an underwhelmed Benn98. “Can’t like this cover at all. It’s beyond pedestrian and the styling looks awful. Not interested in reading about Elle. And I agree…you can bet that one of the boys wants to go into modeling.”

But not everyone felt the same way. “I love this cover, yes, it’s super commercial and very Vanity Fair/Town & Country/Hello!, but I have always loved and admired Elle Macpherson. She is the type of supermodel I respect and in the same league as Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum. She has made the switch from supermodel to working badass businesswoman and I looove that,” defended Bertrando3.

“I think it really represents the way Vogue Australia is trying to balance two distinct audiences. One month they’ll have Billie Eilish or a Jenner and then they’ll mix in a few of the older, more traditional cover subjects like Kylie Minogue. Elle hasn’t been on the cover of Aussie Vogue in two decades,” magsaddict pointed out.

“What a gorgeous cover, don’t care how cheesy, or commercial, people find these ‘family’ covers, I always love seeing them. Also, such beautiful kids and Elle looks wonderful,” raved Miss Dalloway.

Await more from Elle’s cover shoot and share your thoughts here.