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Margot Robbie Is the Face of Chanel’s New Fragrance

Margot Robbie has been a Chanel ambassador since March 2018 and the brand has certainly put the actress to good use. Margot has been decked out in the French fashion house on the covers of U.S. Harper’s Bazaar and Porter and on the red carpet. She also starred in the brand’s Coco Neige campaign. Now Margot is the face of Chanel’s new Gabrielle Chanel Essence scent set to be released on September 1. In the campaign teaser posted on Instagram, the Aussie beauty photographs like a dream before the lens of Nick Knight.

But the campaign missed the mark, at least according to our forum members. “I hate this. This doesn’t read ‘radiant’ to me. You can’t even tell what this is an ad for,” called out RMDV.

“OMG, I wish Chanel would stop with this ‘reincarnation’ crap. You don’t need that angle to sell stuff to women. They value the brand as it is. As for the image, it looks like something originally shot for Chanel Beauty, but got binned because it’s too vague. Nick Knight gets a lot of love on this forum by default, but IMO he takes one step forward and three backward,” said Benn98.

“Not the most flattering shot,” admitted HodanChloe.

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“It doesn’t even look like her, she looks more like the end result of morphing pictures of blond, blue-eyed, Anna Jagodzinska-type models back in the day,” commented FashionMuseDior.

“Margot will be a nice break from Kristen Stewart, but the campaign image above is far too blurred/filtered for it to make even the slightest impact. I dread to think how unnoticeable this will look on billboards, unless we see another campaign photo when the fragrance is released in September,” declared vogue28.

“I hope there are more images otherwise this is just atrocious,” echoed Nomar.

“This is so bad…her face…and her mouth on top of that translucent fabric… It looks like a detox ad or some product that promises to change your life and health, but is basically trash,” mocked Perickles.

Sharing the same sentiment was 333101: “Margot is pretty, no doubt, but she doesn’t have a strong enough face to pull this off. How on earth this was given the green light as a campaign image when she’s barely visible (especially since they’re relying on her name for promotion) is beyond me.”

Await more from the campaign and share your thoughts here.