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Julianne Moore Wears Vintage Tom Ford for Gucci on InStyle’s Fabulous September 2019 Cover

There’s no escaping InStyle right now, largely due to the fact Laura Brown is propelling the magazine to new heights with each and every issue. Brown’s passion for print is apparent with the publication featuring the likes of Janelle Monáe and the cast of Big Little Lies in recent months. So we aren’t at all surprised to see Brown going over the top for InStyle‘s monumental 25th anniversary issue for September 2019 by picking Julianne Moore for the cover. Photographed by Phil Poynter, stylist Karla Welch opted out of dressing the actress in an outfit from one of the Fall 2019 collections in favor of a classic look from Tom Ford’s legendary Fall 1995 collection for Gucci, proving a silk blouse is always in fashion.

US Instyle September 2019 : Julianne Moore by Phil Poynter


The cover was praised by (most of) our forum members. “Fabulous cover! It’s quite eye-catching and well executed. Even if I don’t think we need that excessive nostalgia over Tom Ford for Gucci…but it works. I’ve never been a fan of that collection, but I need glamour right now,” approved Lola701.

“I love all of this. And from InStyle? I’m floored,” confessed lelaid.

“Oh yes, totally my cup of tea!” declared Nymphaea.

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“Bravo to Laura Brown because this feels like the perfect solution to a 25th anniversary issue, being the perfect mix of both nostalgia and commercialism! Julianne Moore looks fantastic on the cover, love that she’s wearing vintage Tom Ford for Gucci and the voluminous hair from Serge Normant,” voiced vogue28.

For the rest of our members, the cover had one MAJOR flaw. “The Photoshop is ridiculous and Hung Vanngo needs to stop. This is a stunning 58-year-old woman that doesn’t need to receive the blow-up doll treatment,” called out SophiaVB.

Miss Dalloway felt the same way: “Jesus! Did they also take her in the time machine and go back 25 years? Keep this BS if you can’t let someone like Moore look her age, the airbrushing on her face is SHAMEFUL!”

“Every time I see Julianne Moore’s name on a thread, I cringe. Her face has been Photoshopped so many times, I’m surprised she still has a face. She has no freckles, her skin is alabaster perfection, that of a 17-year-old Norwegian milkmaid,” echoed dfl-001.

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