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Luna Bijl Photographs Beautifully for Vogue China’s Ethereal November 2019 Cover

Ever since she first came on the scene on the cover of Vogue Paris back in 2016, we’ve come to expect a great deal from Luna Bijl. Whether the Dutch beauty is the face of Chanel or appearing on the covers of various international editions of Vogue, she always delivers. Now Vogue China welcomes back the current face of Karl Lagerfeld to front its November 2019 issue. Decked out in a black Valentino outfit and Bulgari jewelry courtesy of stylist Daniela Paudice, Luna looks radiant before the lens of Yelena Yemchuk.

Vogue China November 2019 : Luna Bijl by Yelena Yemchuk


Luna’s latest completely divided our forums. “Jewelry supplement. Whoever chose that color for the masthead needs to rethink their life choices,” scolded MON the moment the cover dropped.

“Wow, no! Nothing about this cover is remotely Vogue China for me. Plus, those kinds of angles should be left for really beautiful girls like Anna Mila Guyenz, whose face will be able to draw you in. Luna just looks generic here,” commented Benn98.

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“If ever there was a cover that was just BLAND, it would be this one,” an underwhelmed A.D.C. chimed in.

“Luna looks stunning as usual, but I agree that the shot looks more like a jewelry supplement. I’d still take this instead of most Vogue covers nowadays,” reasoned apple.

“I really don’t understand all the negative comments. I LOVE this!” heralded June.

KateTheGreatest felt the same way: “This is absolutely flawless, best cover I’ve seen in a while!”

“This is beautiful by Vogue China standards,” confessed Style Savvy.

“Beautiful! Luna always rocks magazine covers,” applauded libra.

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