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Hailey Bieber Looks ‘Poised and Elegant’ on Vogue Hong Kong’s December 2019 Covers

Ever since it landed on newsstands back in March, Vogue Hong Kong hasn’t exactly been doing well on our forums and not even covers with Irina Shayk, Rihanna or Adwoa Aboah have managed to create a whole lot of buzz. Now the magazine picks Hailey Bieber, fresh off the cover of Vogue Australia, to star on two covers for its December issue. Photographed by Cass Bird and styled by Anya Ziourova, the all-American beauty and current face of Calvin Klein serves good face on cover one (below) and sits perched on the studio floor wearing Max Mara for cover two (after the jump).

Vogue Hong Kong December 2019 : Hailey Bieber by Cass Bird


According to our forum members, Hailey’s portfolio just keeps getting better. “Truly gorgeous. She looks poised and elegant,” raved KINGofVERSAILLES the moment the covers dropped.

“The best she’s ever looked,” echoed marsnoop2.

“Recently Hailey’s covers keep improving and she’s growing on me,” confessed russianelf.

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In the same frame of mind was vogue28: “The first cover is certainly the most compelling of the two. Hailey can photograph beautifully and this is a prime example. Love the angle of the profile shot, the hat, the sleek ponytail, the muted tones of the makeup and bare shoulders. I cannot fault it.”

“Surprisingly, she is actually turning out to be an OK cover girl. Generic, but OK,” approved Miss Dalloway.

“Prefer the second cover even if the red and green feel a tad literal for Christmas. She looks great, her best cover yet,” proclaimed Benn98.

“Quite like both of these, she looks good,” said tipi1355.

Vogue Hong Kong December 2019 : Hailey Bieber by Cass Bird


Hailey’s best Vogue covers to date? Share your thoughts here.