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Eddie Murphy, Renée Zellweger and Jennifer Lopez Hit the Road for Vanity Fair’s Annual Hollywood Issue

Award season is currently in full swing and it’s also that time of year when Vanity Fair bestows upon us its annual Hollywood issue. Previous years saw the magazine opt for a fold-out concept (like 2019’s refreshingly diverse cover or 2018’s Photoshop disaster), but 2020’s installment just features three cover stars: Eddie Murphy, Renée Zellweger and Jennifer Lopez. Photographed by Ethan James Green and styled by Samira Nasr, the stars hop on motorcycles looking like they’re about to hit the road — along with 20 of their peers in the accompanying cover feature.

Vanity Fair 'The Hollywood Issue' 2020 by Ethan James Green


The cover quickly sparked debate on our forums. “I actually really like this. It’s something different and tells a story compared to the usual covers. And J.Lo is absolutely serving it!! Eat your heart out Oscars, you failed big time,” declared [Piece Of Me].

“I quite like this! Thank god it’s not by boring [Annie] Leibovitz again,” praised HodanChloe.

“I like it! Kudos to Ethan for this achievement,” applauded jorgepalomo.

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“I actually really like the concept. It shows interesting storytelling and the personality of the stars,” raved TaylorBinque.

“The cover feels like a vast departure from previous Hollywood covers and for that alone I can appreciate it, but there just seems to be a huge disconnect between the subjects that I severely dislike,” critiqued an underwhelmed vogue28.

Benn98 shared the same sentiment: “Surprised this cover is getting such love because I find it terrible. Didn’t even recognize Renée and the styling and assembly of the subjects are just off. Everything looks really budget and cheap in the worst way imaginable.”

“A tragic cover,” echoed MON.

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