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Margot Robbie Stars on V Magazine’s Up Close and Personal Spring Preview 2020 Cover

Everyone knows Margot Robbie photographs like a dream. Whether the Aussie beauty is gracing the cover of Vanity Fair, W, U.S. ELLE, American Vogue or Vogue Australia, she always captivates. Now the Bombshell star makes her debut on the cover of V Magazine for its Spring Preview 2020 edition. The Chanel brand ambassador naturally sports the legendary French fashion house for the close-up cover shot captured by photographer Chris Colls.

V Magazine #123 Spring Preview 2020 : Margot Robbie by Chris Colls


But our forum members weren’t feeling it. “Hmm, no. It should’ve been stronger, fiercer and the neckline of that top looks sloppy since it’s barely visible but still visible enough to distract me. Not a fan!” said aracic.

“It’s *almost* great. It has hints of that great old V Magazine, but the cropping and framing is a bit awkward…” Marc10 critiqued.

“This is the definition of pedestrian,” declared honeycombchild.

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“Is this a Vichy ad? NO!” proclaimed an unimpressed Miss Dalloway.

“Thanks! Now I can’t unsee the invisible night cream jar she’s holding,” Benn98 replied. “The preview looked way more interesting than this cover.”

“I like the composition of the cover but…her face looks weird,” voiced jorgepalomo.

“I hate the way the V frames her face…otherwise I like the photo. Definitely one of V Magazine‘s better covers of the last few years, probably due to the fact that there’s no OTT tacky styling…” admitted RMDV.

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