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Billie Eilish Gets the Vogue Treatment With Four March 2020 Covers

We’ve been raving about American Vogue pretty much nonstop since October following a series of brilliant Olivia Colman, Rihanna, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Stella McCartney and Florence Pugh covers. Anna Wintour continues to endorse fresh cover subjects by selecting recent Grammy winner Billie Eilish to front four covers. Vogue commissioned three different photographers to profile the rising star: Hassan Hajjaj, Ethan James Green and Harley Weir. And 16-year-old illustrator Nastya Kovtun produced a unique digital cover.

US Vogue March 2020 : Billie Eilish by Hassan Hajjaj, Ethan James Green, Harley Weir & Nastya Kovtun


Members of our forums were pretty pleased with the outcome. “Initially I was taken aback for a moment, but I can’t hate on it. It’s not exactly on-brand for U.S. Vogue, but it works perfectly for Billie. I love the colors from the first cover, it’s unlike anything Vogue has done in years…” admitted aracic.

“I really like the first two covers! Very different for U.S. Vogue, but they work,” said Mr Naija.

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“Wow these are great! I was curious to see how it would turn out cause her personal style is not traditional Vogue, but they managed to meet in the middle quite nicely. She looks very much like herself, but also very pretty and even a bit glamorous. Great job,” Marc10 applauded.

Sharing the same sentiment was honeycombchild: “I really like what they did here. Making four covers is probably overkill, but I like how they shaped Vogue to fit Billie and didn’t force Billie into a Vogue-shaped cookie cutter. It’s all very her.”

“I actually love all the covers, finally they used a cover subject without changing them in any way,” proclaimed Miss Dalloway.

“This is just stunning. They’ve provided something colorful, but it’s still got that Vogue touch,” raved SLFC.

US Vogue March 2020 : Billie Eilish by Hassan Hajjaj, Ethan James Green, Harley Weir & Nastya Kovtun


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