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Kim Kardashian Orders Custom Louboutins to Wear with Vera Wang Gown

Kim Kardashian's been out shopping for her upcoming wedding to Kris Humphries and according to the reports, the reality star will likely wear a Vera Wang gown and custom-made Louboutins.

This Monday, Kim and Kourtney stopped by the Vera Wang boutique in New York to get a load of the pretty white dresses and meet up and have lunch with Vera Wang herself. In true Kardashian fashion, film crews trailed the sisters into the store, but no word on whether they managed to document the sit-down meal between Wang and her clients. 

As part of their shopping trip, the Kardashians stopped by Christian Louboutin, and the sales girls overheard Kim boasting that she'd already placed an order for custom-made shoes from the iconic designer. 

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