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Lindsay Lohan Celebrates Sweet, Sweet Freedom

Lindsay Lohan leaves Lexington ClubLindsay Lohan was finally released from house arrest, so we're going to have to find something new to gossip about, right? Nah, no way. Because even though Lindsay served her punishment and hasn't done anything crazy yet, there'll be plenty of things to say about her for as long as she continues to exist. For example, did you know that after being released from house arrest, LiLo spent the morning doing court-required community service at a women's shelter. Not so shocking right? WRONG. After leaving the women's shelter, Lindsay went out with her friends. To a club, horror of all horrors. To top it all off, she spent the night drinking what appeared to be soda water and chatting with her friends about silly things, like the perfect height for a woman (5'7", like me. Duh!) By the time she was ready to leave, a swarm of photographers were gathered outside. Some of them started taunting her about her alcohol abuse when she tripped on her heel: "She's drunk," they yelled. "She's been drinking." Well, that hasn't been confirmed, but if she had been drinking — no wonder. Lindsay certainly has lots of problems, but I'm thinking that the insane public scrutiny and aggressive paparazzi passing judgment on every second of her waking life may not be helping matters. If I had as little privacy as Lindsay, and as many people taking delight in my failures and missteps, I'd probably be knocking back a couple of cocktails just to gather the courage to make my way through a swarm of mean men with cameras without breaking down into tears. I'm officially furious with the world for the way its treating Lindsay Lohan. Give her a break and go have a drink or something. And if you need to amuse yourself, check out the really cute video below:

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