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Blake Lively Gets a Copy of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Keys

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio

Even though Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted gallivanting about town with Polish supermodel Anna Jagodzinska and it seemed certain that he and Blake Lively had called it quits, it looks like the two actors have patched things up and moved on to the next stage of their relationship. More specifically: Leo gave Blake a copy of the keys to his Los Angeles house. The only way to understand this tangled love story is probably to assume that the Gossip Girl actress asked Leo to get serious if he wanted to continue seeing her. Leo, barely two months out of a long-term relationship with Bar Rafaeli, most likely refused and so he spent a couple of weeks out on the singles market. It was only a matter of time before he realized that dating is the most depressing condition a very attractive, very famous, very wealthy man can experience, and so he called up Blake and acquiesced to all her demands. Cue the key-giving ceremony. Anyway, that's my take on the story. [editor's note: either that, or she'll be watering his plants and feeding his cat while he's on vacation]

And the moral? Being Blake Lively must be awesome.