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David Beckham Sneaks a Photo of Victoria Beckham’s Baby Bump

Victoria Beckham might have promised that she wouldn't pose for photos to show off her baby belly, but David Beckham managed to sneak a snapshot of his pregnant wife while she wasn't looking.

Victoria Beckham Baby Bump

Just last week, the former Spice Girl told WWD that she wasn't "really one of these people that likes to go out and pose and flaunt being pregnant. Not like there’s anything wrong in that. I’m so proud to be pregnant and I feel so blessed and so happy, I really do. But I’m just not that kind of person. So, no, I won’t be taking my clothes off. I don’t think anyone needs to see that, other than my husband. Absolutely not.”

Victoria might think that her pregnant belly is for her husband, and him alone, but it turns out he wanted to share it with the world. Beckham posted the snapshot above on his Facebook and included the following message: "Took this pic of Victoria while she wasn’t looking. She looks amazing, so close now to the baby being born!”

Ooops! The photo is pretty posed, so I'm not sure that I believe that Victoria was totally unaware that he was snapshotting and uploading her tanning session. And something tells me that if Becks really did take this pic and send it to the internet without Victoria's knowledge, someone will be sleeping on the couch tonight.

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