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Lindsay Lohan’s House Arrest Shoot for Italian Vanity Fair [Preview]

Lilo Vanity FairIt's possible that in her 35 days under house arrest, Lindsay Lohan had more fun than I've had cumulatively over my entire life. I've already chronicled her magical adventures throwing pool parties and writing film scripts, but that wasn't all LiLo had been up to.

While you were going to work and doing your grocery shopping, Lindsay was serving a sentence of house arrest for stealing a $5,000 necklace — oh, and inviting the Vanity Fair Italia crew into her sweet Venice pad and posing in a photo shoot for the cover of their September issue.

I sort of don't understand what's up with Italian glossies. Vogue Italia was all eager and ready to partner up with America's Next Top Model and set aside an editorial spread for one of the model wannabes and now the Italian version of Vanity Fair thinks it's super awesome to feature a tabloid train wreck trapped inside her apartment by order of the courts. Pair all of that information with the sexual shenanigans and media empire of their Prime Minister, Silvio Burlesconi, and you've got to start wondering if there's something in their espresso.

Lindsay Lohan

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