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Karlie Kloss Dating Joe Jonas?

Karlie Kloss and Joe JonasKarlie Kloss and Joe Jonas were spotted sipping on champagne and giggling at Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club’s VIP section over the weekend, watching as Prince William played polo for his admiring American fan base.

After the game, they popped over to a photobooth sponsored by Jacks Wills, the label that designed jerseys for the polo event, and based on the pictures, the pair seems to be getting along swimmingly. Plenty of people are speculating that Joe Jonas might finally be over his break-up with Ashley Greene, and that he and Karlie are hanging out as more than just friends.

I don't know very much about Joe Jonas, so I don't want to be too critical, but I'll say this: he seems like a shmuck. So much so, that I personally wouldn't date him even if I ever had the chance, even to say that I was dating a famous heartthrob. Maybe it's his stupid-looking hair or weirdly abbreviated torso, but it just seems like Karlie Kloss could do better.

Aren't there two whole other Jonas brothers? What are they like? Maybe Karlie should date one of them instead.