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The Queen is Creeped Out by Duchess Kate’s Wedding Gown Display

Prince Charles isn't the only royal that's been crabby about the world's post-royal-wedding fever. When Duchess Catherine and Queen Elizabeth II visited Buckingham Palace's exhibition of Kate's Alexander McQueen wedding gown, The Queen didn't think twice before criticizing the display. The royal told her new daughter-in-law, who played an active part in developing the exhibit, that the display was "horrid" and "creepy," taking issue with the floating veil. Even though I can see the good Queen's point, I don't know if there's a tasteful, non-creepy way to display a worn, fetishized wedding gown. Although, maybe things would have been a little more tasteful if they had skipped the ethereal back-lighting and displayed the veil in a case, or something. [FabSugar AU]

Duchess Catherine and The Queen visit wedding gown display