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Katy Perry Dresses Up as Smurfette at ‘The Smurfs’ Premiere

Apparently, when Smurfette modeled designer looks in the pages of Harper's Bazaar, she took home all the clothing and didn't leave anything for living, breathing humans to wear on the red (ahem…blue?) carpet in her honor.

At the premiere of The Smurfs movie, newly-blonde pop star Katy Perry showed up in full Smurfette regalia. Perry borrowed the blue babe's short, flirty white dress and had it embossed with a sequined image of the lady of the hour. Perry added cartoon-blue Louboutins and sapphire eye makeup to complete the look.

Whether you think that Smurfette's foray into fashion is amusing or depressing is sort of besides the point: Smurfette has been getting attention from all the right people, and until she slips up with a drug binge or gets filmed ranting about her love for Hitler, she's only going to keep rising in the fashion ranks.

It hurts me to say this, but Katy Perry looks great in that Smurfette dress. And her Smurf nail art (below) is the cherry on top. Is there another fashion personality that can double as nail varnish? I don't think so.

Katy Perry in Smurfette Dress at 'The Smurfs' Premiere – Starcasm