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Elizabeth Olsen to Star in SATC Prequel While Blake Lively Plays Second-Fiddle as Samantha?

February 2011 was a simpler, happier time: we had yet to live through the John Galliano scandal; we were still just getting to know Kate Middleton and imagining what kind of gown she'd wear to her wedding; Crystal Harris had not yet become Hugh Hefner's runaway bride; and we couldn't even imagine that in the near future, Smurfette would star in an editorial spread for Harper's Bazaar. We didn't know any better than to look forward to summer and its 110-degree weather; we thought that in an emergency situation (that is, if a Sex and the City prequel were ever made), Blake Lively would almost certainly land the top billing as a young Carrie Bradshaw. We were so innocent, so pure.

And then the world came crashing down on us. Month after month we've seen our hopes dashed; everything we thought we knew about life, love, and fashion collapsed into rubble under our feet. The latest of our lost dreams? According to the Daily Mail, Hollywood has lost its mind one more time and is actually going ahead with production of the SATC prequel, and golden girl Blake Lively will be playing a supporting role as a twenty-something Samantha Jones.

Lively managed to sweep both Karl Lagerfeld and Leonardo DiCaprio off their feet, but if she doesn't play Carrie Bradshaw, she'll never truly have America. Likely due to her rather limited acting chops, the Gossip Girl actress lost out to Cannes favorite Elizabeth Olsen.

Blake Lively looks phenomenal in clothing, so she seemed like an obvious choice to play fashion-plate Carrie Bradshaw, but the youngest Olsen is so charming that she was owed a big budget picture, and she's quirky enough to pull off the flustered protagonist of the SATC story. It's harder to imagine Lively as the sex-crazed Samantha, but the other casting decisions seem just as flawed: Selena Gomez will play Charlotte York and Emma Roberts will take the role of Miranda Hobbes.

When I pulled photos of the three supporting actresses, I tried to find ones that showed off the aspects of their personality that they'd be bringing to the big screen as their SATC characters because I desperately wanted the casting to make sense. Unfortunately, it looks like the studio teams offered parts based on a very basic formula that looks something like this: most famous young blonde starlet + most famous young brunette starlet + most famous young redheaded starlet = SATC supporting actresses. Like I said, we're living in dark times.

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