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Blake Lively Tries Tattoos

Blake Lively TattoosBlake Lively's squeaky-clean image is in desperate need of an update. I don't need the Gossip Girl actress to develop a drug problem or start shoplifting or trash-talk "fat people" in front of the press, I just think that she's passed the point of likeable and just become so painfully perfect that it's no surprise that she lost the part of Carrie Bradshaw to the less obvious Elizabeth Olsen. Lively needs to step up with some drama and maybe shave her head* or go out drinking with Kate Middleton or ditch her Chanel contract and lobby to wear an Azzedine Alaia gown on her next Vogue cover. Basically, I'm just begging her to develop a personality before she marries Leonardo DiCaprio and becomes a Scientologist and launches a line of crotch-length mini-dresses for H&M. It does not sound like that life would be good material for an E! True Hollywood Story.

If she needs to take baby steps down the Path of Interesting, the fake tattoos for her new role in Savages might be a good start. Recently photographed on the set of the film, Lively sported four fake tattoos of the most inoffensive variety: butterflies and pretty, whirly bands all around her arm. In reality, it would come as a real shock if the actress got permanently inked (Karl Lagerfeld would probably burn down his library in a fit of rage if that ever went down), but cheery fake tattoos are right in line with her bright, sunny California girl personality.

Here's all I'm saying: fake tattoos are as much fun as you can have without being on a swing set — and I really think that Blake Lively needs to start having more fun.

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*Need a reference point to imagine Lively gone bald? Think Natalie Portman rather than Britney Spears