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Beckhams Want Another Baby

Beckhams Wants Another BabyIt may have only been two-and-a-half weeks since the Beckhams had a much-publicized fourth child, Harper Seven, to add to their already sizeable family, but they're already planning for a fifth.

In an interview with a reporter, David Beckham said that he and Victoria "would love one more. We've always said we'd love a big family and five was a number. If we're lucky enough, then we hope to have one more."

Seems precious, but since I'm always on the lookout for ulterior motives, may I suggest that David and Victoria are having all of these babies for the dual purpose of bringing lots of love into their home and also assembling a small army to help them wage war for World Domination?

The Beckhams have been pursuing independent, high-profile careers, all the while experiencing the Miracle of Childbirth over and over again. And from the looks of it, they haven't broken a sweat or skipped a day at the gym. Something devious is afoot! Or, maybe having a monstrous fortune and lots of nannies on the payroll pretty much circumvents the problem of having plenty of babies without giving up your life.

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