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Kim Kardashian’s Wedding (AKA Payday)

Kim Kardashian's wedding on Sunday might have cost $10 million, but unlike most marrying couples, the reality star and her new husband, Nets star Kris Humphries, didn't have to drop a dime of their vast fortune to exchange "I dos."

Besides loading up on free swag from vendors eager to have their goods parading in front of an enormous television audience (even Kim's $20,000 Vera Wang gown came free from the designer), the newlyweds are going to start their new life together with a whopping $17.9 million just for hanging out at the alter together. If you need an inventory: they're reportedly collecting $15 million from E!, $2.5 million from People, and another $450,000 from various sponsors. 

Apart from Kim's Vera Wang wedding gown, the designer supplied her with two additional dresses to wear at the reception that evening. Kris wore an Ermenegildo Zegna tux, and Kim's mother wore a very confusing white dress with an enormous bow.

As if the couple needed any additional help, anything they had to shell out some of their own money to buy came at deep discounts. Kim's engagement ring and wedding bands from Lorraine Schwartz were heavily marked down from their $2 million and $1 million price points. Grr. Whatever you think about Kim Kardashian (and I think she's a pretty, pretty lady that's made an unexpected success of herself), you've got admit that she does well for herself. She's acquired an absurd amount of wealth and she doesn't even have to spend it.

And now the couple's dashing off for a quick honeymoon in Europe (where no one, presumably, knows their name) before settling in together in a luxury penthouse in NYC, across the country from Kim's beloved L.A. If you think you'll miss a California-based Kim Kardashian, have no fear: Kourtney's joining her sister for an East Coast romp which will air on E!'s new show, Kourtney & Kim Take New York.

Plus, Patti Stanger commends Kim for making the move, saying that for the sake of her marriage, the new bride has to give her husband a chance to be in the spotlight for awhile: "If she lives in L.A. with her family in the limelight, she might have some bumps in the road. I know Kim, her family is great, I love all of them, but Kim is a workaholic, and if she’s always traveling and doing something for some appearance or some product, there’s going to be no time for him." Sigh. The New York streets are pretty crowded already, and I don't think this city needs the extra congestion from Kim Kardashian and her Merry Band of Paparazzi, but if Patti Stanger thinks it'll help her marriage, then I guess I'll just have to suffer.

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