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Ryan Gosling Breaks Up a Street Fight, Is the Best [VIDEO!]

Ryan GoslingRyan Gosling is probably the single most likeable person in Hollywood, if not in all the land. Guys want to hang out with him, girls want to make out with him, and even hype skeptics in The Fashion Spot forums want to give him props for his exceptional menswear styling choices time and time again.

But if you think that Ryan Gosling is all swoon and no substance, think again. The latest Ryan Gosling video to hit the net is basically the equivalent of a celebrity sex tape for principled young romantics with an aversion to celebrities and taped sex.

I mean, it's not a big deal, just a dream-come-true: the handsome young movie star caught on tape, breaking up a street fight on St. Marks in New York City. Yes, Ryan Gosling was walking down the street, and when he saw a brawl break out, he stepped in to save the day instead of turning away to buy a mocha or whatever. The girls that get this on tape have a panic attack when they uncover the real identity of the heroic dreamboat.

I had to think twice before posting this, because calling this fashion news is a stretch. But then I thought, come on! Whether you're young or old, rich or poor, stylish or totally out-of-touch, do you not bleed? Does your heart not tremble for Ryan Gosling?

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Photo from the F–kYeahRyanGosling Tumblr. Ignore the yucky URL and enjoy the meme.