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Beyonce Out-Divas Lady Gaga, Announces her Pregnancy at the VMAs

In an unusual fit of restraint, Hollywood managed to bow out of last night's festivities at the MTV Video Music Awards without a single manufactured scandal. No wardrobe malfunctions, no girl-on-girl kisses, the biggest news to come out of the awards show was the happy revelation that Beyonce is pregnant and having a child with her husband, Jay-Z.

The pop diva showed off her pregnant belly on the red carpet, and then opened her jubilant performance of her latest single, "1+1" by telling the audience, "I want you to feel the love that's growing inside me."

Beyonce PregnancyLady Gaga VMAs

Pure cheese, but feel it we did. Pregnancy news tends to underwhelm me, but Beyonce couldn't stop smiling and Jay-Z couldn't stop laughing and bouncing around backstage. It was touching, and set against Lady Gaga's pointless drag performance as Jo Calderone, we were reminded that real stars have more life to them than just fame.

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