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Selena Gomez’s Justin ‘Tattoo’? So Not a Good Look.

At Selena Gomez's performance in Las Vegas this week, the teen pop star surprised a lot of people when she lifted her arm to display what appeared to be the word "Justin" — as in Bieber, tattooed on her inner wrist.

The internet had a chance to have a panic attack about the bright young starlet over-committing to her polarizing celebrity boyfriend before Selena's publicist rolled her eyes and asked everyone to zoom into the high res photos. The tattoo was drawn on in magic marker.

Still creepy. Both the tattoo AND the love object. Nineteen-year-old Selena Gomez might be a teenager, but she's not in junior high anymore: it's time for her to get over Justin Bieber and cut it out with the magic marker tattoos. It's time to graduate to stick-ons.