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Ke$ha’s Dagger Nail Art

So even though I've really been hoping for a nail art-free world, Ke$ha went crazy with her fingertips in the campaign for her Baby-G line of watches. It looks like the pop star used OPI's Black Shatter polish on a multi-colored base and kept her nails at talon length (the better to scratch you with, my dear).

Kesha for Baby-G

I tried out the Shatter polish one time over a warm pinkish base: under the black pattern, my base looked orange and I spent about a week walking around with tacky Halloween nails because I was too lazy to remedy the situation with nail polish remover. I'm just saying, nail art is not all unicorns and giggles—there's a dark side. But Ke$ha knows all about that: just look at her devil-may-care smoky eye. She's just so edgy.

[via Stylebakery]