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Lindsay Lohan Breaks Up…With Her Business Manager

Lindsay Lohan is parting ways with her longtime business manager, Lou Taylor, who also manages Britney Spears. The troubled actress decided that she'd rather have a manager that didn't build her career by helping child stars go off the deep-end. Oh, also, Lindsay found out that her financial accounts had gotten a little (I mean, a lot) messy.

Positive changes! Someone recently noticed that I have tacky taste in celebrities and I'm about to prove it: I like Lindsay a lot. I think she's in a lot of trouble and she's going to have a hard time coming around, but the world hates her more than she deserves. I'd love to see her get competent representation and real film roles. I'd love to see the paparazzi get bored of her.

And if she needs help with that last part, I'm available! The paparazzi never take pictures of me.

[via Earsucker]

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