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Heidi Klum Will Win Halloween Again This Year

Heidi Klum HalloweenHeidi Klum is like this crazy Halloween genius, topping herself from year to year. Halloween costumes are her life's work, and her real legacy won't be as a model or even as a TV personality: she'll be remembered for her insanely elaborate costumes for time immermorial.

Last year she dressed up as a purple-skinned robot, and since she's now proven that she's not lacking in imagination, she's decided to go a little less fantastical and a little more animal kingdom this time around.

Klum's been hard at work on an ape costume and showed a preview of the latest addition to her oeuvre, which isn't quite finished yet. It's pretty much totally unfair: not only is Heidi Klum a supermodel with like, the perfect family life, even her unfinished Halloween costumes put my entire Halloween career to shame. I'm going to go stand outside in the rain until I think of a good Halloween costume.

[via Styleite]