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Chloe Sevigny Dressed as Terry Richardson Makes Out with Terry Richardson

So I've already come out in favor of doing away with Terry Richardson and replacing him with Chloe Sevigny dressed as Terry Richardson, as she did for the latest issue of Candy magazine, but I never ever suggested that it would be a good idea for the costumed Chloe to make out with the real-life version of her drag character. But she did it anyway.

Identically-dressed in one of Richardson's ubiquitous retro-ironic checkered shirts and stupid-looking aviator frames, Terry and Chloe-as-Terry made out with each other on film. Ewwwww. You know what I know? That we've just walked right in on the ultimate expression of Terry's narcissism. His entire career has been leading up to this moment, when he could fondle an anatomically-female version of himself.

All I can say is, Chloe—You're better than this!

[via Fashionista]