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Link Buzz: Marc Jacobs Isn’t Doing Dior & Pippa Middleton Splits from Her Boyfriend

  • Marc Jacobs TattooedIt's been confirmed that Marc Jacobs is not taking over the role of head designer at Dior. At this point, they're just going to give the job back to John Galliano. Or better yet, my cat. [Styleite]

  • Duchess Catherine is super-busy being a duchess and also comforting her heartbroken sister, Pippa Middleton. Pippa has just split up with her longterm boyfriend, Alex Loudon. My favorite breakup cure? Ice cream, boys, and Dior. [Earsucker]

  • Ashton Kutcher quits Twitter after a 140-character gaffe in support of Penn State football coach Joe Paterno. Now there's no way Ashton's ever going to score the job of head designer for Dior. [DailyStab]

  • Justin Bieber takes Selena Gomez on a romantic Parisian getaway. They stayed in a $1,100 a night penthouse suite and went shopping at Louis Vuitton because they love Marc Jacobs even though he isn't going to be the head designer of Dior. [CelebDirtyLaundry]

  • Would you spend $60 on lipstick? You know what I'm going to say: not even if it's by Dior! [BellaSugar]

[editor's note: and Nika wins the bet that she couldn't work Dior into every item in this post]