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Mariah Yeater Still Saying That She Had Justin Bieber’s Baby Baby Baby

Oh boy. A small flurry of stories earlier today reported that Mariah Yeater was dropping her paternity suit against pop phenom Justin Bieber after she was dropped by her legal team.

Justin Bieber

Photo courtesy of Fulltono

But no dice! Yeater's hired new lawyers and they're moving forward with the paternity suit, under a new strategy. Yeater's team is negotiating with Bieber's legal council to arrange a DNA test to determine whether or not the under-sized star is the father of her child. The only reason I'm so excited about this story is because Bieber's good boy brand is going to be seriously tested if the DNA test proves positive. He'll probably get backed into a corner and end up with Yeater at the alter, and I've just been waiting so many years to see Bieber in a wedding gown. It would be great to see him in a John Galliano-designed dress on his wedding day, but Beiber seems like more of a McQueen man and I think he and Sarah Burton would get along just swimmingly. He's just going to have to find the right person to do his hair.

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