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Mila Kunis Attended the Marine Corps Ball, True to Her Word

Mila Kunis Marine CorpsBack in July, Sergeant Scott Moore, a member of the Marines stationed in Afghanistan, put together a little clip on Youtube asking his celebrity crush, Mila Kunis, to be his date to the Marine Corps Ball.

Kunis agreed to attend after a too-good-to-be-true conversation with her Friends with Benefits co-star, Justin Timberlake.

"You need to do this for your country," he told her.

"I will," she said, "I'll do it for you."

(Note: Scarlett Johansson was also honored with an invitation to join one of the members of our armed services at the ball, but she declined the invitation and sent along a case of Moet & Chandon in her stead.)

True to her word, Kunis joined Sgt. Moore at the Ball on Friday, and based on the photos, they both had a really lovely time.

And it makes me really happy. A movie star and a Marine Sergeant? So Old Hollywood glamorous. Moore is also pretty cute. Not that he's ever going to have trouble finding a date to the Marine Ball again, but if he's in a pinch this time next year, I'm so down to join him.

Mila Kunis Marine Corps

Images courtesy of INeedMyFix

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