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Link Buzz: Lady Gaga Named Entertainer of the Year and Britney Gets Engaged

  • Lady Gaga EntertainsThe Associated Press named Lady Gaga "Entertainer of the Year." People are too easily entertained. [HaveUHeard]

  • ScarJo finally came clean about how much she hates to be called 'ScarJo.' That's so ScarJo. [AmyGrindhouse]

  • Who knew there were so many different types of fake eyelashes? Not me, but now I know. Now you can know that, too! [BellaSugar]

  • Britney Spears got engaged. That's cool for her. I'm not engaged. That's cool for me. [Stylebakery]

  • Does your 6-year-old want a $1,100 Lanvin dress? You bet she does. Don't you feel like a terrible mother for not buying her a $1,100 Lanvin dress? Because you totally should. You're ruining her sad, Lanvin-less life.  [Styleite]

  • Want a red bag? I want a red bag. Katie Holmes had a red bag and she carries it everywhere. As she should, because RedBagRedBagRedBag. [FabSugar]