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No One Knows Why Katy Perry & Russell Brand Broke Up

Happy New Year! Happy Monday! Are you in good spirits? I'm not: the Northeast is cold, New Year's Eve is exhausting, today is Monday, etc., etc., etc. But you know who's having an even worse time of it? Russell Brand and Katy Perry—because they filed for divorce over the holidays.

Katy Perry Russell Brand

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The former alterna-pop couple has been having problems since they first got married, and it was really only a matter of time before they decided to not be married. Even though Brand took it upon himself to file for divorce, some sources are reporting that the decision was mutual, but that Perry didn't want to upset her religious parents by filing herself. Others are saying that Brand, a recovering addict, couldn't cope with Perry's hard-partying ways. Still more rumors suggest that Perry, 27 years old and an international pop star, wasn't ready to have children and settle into a more family-oriented lifestyle.

Whatever the cause, the holidays are the worst time to cope with this kind of split, so let's wish them both well.

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