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The Kardashians Will Probably Launch Their Own Magazine

So many ways to open this post: Even though I promised to stop writing about the Kardashians / Print media may have found its savior / Like a dream I never knew I had, the Kardashian clan is planning to launch its own magazine.

The reality TV family is close to signing a deal with American Media Inc., publisher of major rags like Star and The National Enquirer. Even though it's pretty likely that the new publication won't be anything but self-promotional drivel, I think a Kardashian mag has a lot of potential. In my heart of hearts, I hope the Kardashians go for a women's/lifestyle mag format, Oprah style. The possibilities are endless: imagine a parenting advice column from Kris Jenners, a teen life series by Kylie, relationship advice by Kim Kardashian. All the clothing spreads and stock photographs would be modeled by the Kardashian-Jenners sisters. They'd run articles like How to Lose a Guy in 72 Days or How to Capitalize on Your Daughter's Sex Tape.



I hate to give the Kardashians any credit at all and I find the entire concept of magazine as celebrity-vanity-project despicable, I think this might be a smart move, in an apocalyptic way. Instead of selling their scandals to other publications, which make up the fee with ads and newsstand sales, the Kardashians are cutting out the middleman—the magazine—and selling directly to advertisers and readers. Celebrity and fashion mags maintain symbiotic and self-serving relationships with stars, advertisers, and corporations: putting out a glossy involves a lot of back-scratching, a lot of IOUs. The entire foundation of most major magazines is built on not pissing people off. A Kardashian publication would be nothing but PR fodder spun as editorial content, in its purest form.

[via CelebDirtyLaundry & AmyGrindhouse]