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Tyra Banks Learns to Love Again

Tyra BanksTyra Banks' love life has been quite the story in recent months. No one uttered a peep about the former model's dating life for the entire duration of her longterm relationship with businessman John Utendahl—that is, until the couple broke up. These days, I can hardly keep up with the twists and turns of Tyra's rollercoaster of a love life.

As it happens, the reality TV producer has gotten involved in a new and very serious long-distance thing. Remember that "spiritual retreat" Tyra took to Bali after her breakup with the businessman? It appears it was less a "spiritual retreat" and more a romantic getaway.

I can't figure out whether Tyra's rebounding or if she dumped Utendahl to pursue things with this new mystery suitor. Or if she's just feeding the tabloids fake tales of romance to make her ex jealous. Also, people's private lives are messy and confusing, and it would probably be better for all of us to stop nosing around celebrities' love lives and start living. Let's start tomorrow.

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