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Whitney Thompson’s Dating Site Commercial Rejected by NBC for a Superbowl Spot

Back in December, we reported that ANTM winner Whitney Thomspon had launched a dating site for plus-size women, to eliminate the frustrations she'd experienced dating online. To promote her new site, The Big and the Beautiful, the reality TV star created an animated commercial, which aired on Comedy Central. The first video spot was, to put it kindly, unbelievable and outrageous, like someone had finally figured out how to top Tyra when it comes to an utter lack of self-awareness.

I say the first, because I've just seen the second. Whitney Thompson had hoped to air the promo below during the Superbowl. When NBC refused to air the spot, the entrepeneur cried sizism: she claims that Superbowl ads are famously risque, and hers was rejected because it features plus-size women. In truth, it's actually just very low-budget and poorly made, and it would have been an eyesore in a sea of expensive Budweiser commericals. Most relevantly, it's an offensive, vulgar clip. Her first promo was funny-bad, but this one's so awful I feel guilty reposting it on the Internet.

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