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ScarJo’s New Boyfriend Nate Naylor Makes Ads, Tumbls

Nate NaylorScarlett Johansson is dating a regular person, sort of. According to reports, the ultra-desirable actress has taken up with a new gentleman named Nate Naylor, which sounds like a fake name, except he's very very real and works as a high-level ad exec, with a roster of major clients like Nike, Disney, and Heineken. That's why he's only sort-of a regular person.

Professionally, Naylor is what one might call a success, and the "source" which broke the story plays up his elite status:

“Nate is an avid art collector and has a lot of famous friends in the New York art world. He and Scarlett have had dinner with the fashion photographer Terry Richardson a few times. Nate’s not impressed by Scarlett’s celebrity at all, and she loves that. It’s just about two people who like each other.”

Oh, I'm sure Nate Naylor totally isn't playing cool, and is completely unaware of the fact that he's dating one of the most famous bombshell actresses in all of Hollywood. Art collector ad execs are famously oblivious of all social and class hierarchies, that's one of the reasons they're such shining moral beacons.

For what it's worth, Naylor might be on the older side of cool, especially compared to his new 27-year-old girlfriend, but he's nothing if not of-the-moment. He has a Tumblr called Up in Guts, where he posts "edgy" erotic photos and off-beat snapshots of the natural world.

He also has a flash-heavy portfolio website. Warning: everytime you click a link on the main page, a loud gunshot goes off and the deer logo erupts with blood. You might want to turn down your sound.

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