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John Galliano Continues to Exist

John GallianoThe sporadically anti-Semitic John Galliano may no longer be the head designer at Dior, but he apparently continues to exist and even sometimes hang out with the same crowd and at the same kinds of places he frequented in his glory days.

He was last spotted a few days ago in the Soho area of London. Even though he was at the ultra-hip Mark Hix on Brewer Street for the thirtieth birthday of his close friend and longtime runway music producer DJ Jeremy Healy, the too-cool-for-school crowd still flipped out when Galliano joined the party: it “caused quite a flutter in the room,” a source told Page Six.

“John was quiet and reserved, he was sober and very demure, but there to support his friend.”

No word on his outfit, but Page Six confirms that his moustache lives. If the disgraced designer really does want to revamp his image, the evil-looking stache has to go.


Image via AppleButterBoutique