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Roberto Cavalli is Exceptionally Emotional Today, Even for Him

Roberto CavalliEven though he's apparently just woken up, Roberto Cavalli is seizing the day. The Italian fashion designer is over-emoting all over Twitter and his blog. Since Cavalli is basically a walking 80s time capsule, he can do things on the Internet mere mortals could never get away with without dying of shame. If you've ever wanted to know what it feels like to be an immensely powerful aging Italian couture designer, look no further. This afternoon, Cavalli's been feeling so many feelings, and he's been sharing them.

After discussing his son's brand new sleek physique ("Now he can show off all his masculine beauty!") on his blog, the designer told his Twitter followers that he was in like, the best mood ever, teenybopper-on-Livejournal style:

So high on life, Cavalli realized he had more to say, and returned to his blog: "I will take you by the hand so that you will be able to feel my emotions!"

I don't know if the designer's blog post was particularly transportive, but it definitely gave me some bad Xanga flashbacks. Feel free to peruse it in your free time, but more urgently—a couple hours after he posted the eurphoric diary entry, Cavalli seemed to experience a comedown:

All the world's suffering is making Roberto Cavalli suffer. Despite his many advantages and unparalleled quality of life, the designer's heart is so big and generous that it just BLEEDS when he thinks about all the hardship endured by people all over the world. Nearly every person alive is less fortunate than the Italian designer, so it doesn't surprise me to see him getting angsty. I'm just wondering what took him so long.

If the designer wants to make "all the world happy" and help people see "the perfect meening of life," he's extraordinarily well-positioned to make a difference. But the first step would involve donating all his money to charity. The next step may or may not involve joining a monastery. Unfortunately for humanity, a Tweet is not enough.

Image via BillionaireLounge