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Did Leighton Meester Get Her Start with a Fragrance Contract…for Gummi Bears?

Leighton Meester Gummy BearsNormally, actresses and models are awarded a fragrance contract only after they've become the top names in their field, but some disturbing new evidence suggests that Leighton Meester's path to fame took a different turn.

It appears that long before she was a household name and a leading actress on Gossip Girl, Meester was the face of a major fragrance: Gummi Bears Juice Bar Refreshee Spray (Parfums de Coeur).

MTV Style unearthed a photo of the famed scent's packaging, and if the child pictured didn't grow up to be Leighten Meester, she should probably drop whatever she's doing with her life and become an impersonator.

Long before she was an actress, Meester worked as a child model. She was represented by Wilhelmina, starred in a Bruce Weber-shot Ralph Lauren campaign and many commerical projects for major brands like Clearasil, Tamagotchi, and Limited Too.

In short, she's been the voice of my generation, and there's no product which better represents the best and the worst of childhood than Gummi Bears Juice Bar Refreshee Spray. Except maybe Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers.

Image via ThoseWereThe90s Tumblr