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PETA Thinks Kim Kardashian Should Get a Life, Not Sue Her Flour-Bomber

Kim KardashianIf you need proof that the world is getting good again, look to last week's flour-bombing. If you aren't in the loop, an animal rights activist hurled a bag of fine flour at Kim Kardashian and called the reality TV star a "fur hag" at the launch of Kim's new fragrance.

The action was kind of a stumper, conceptually: traditionally, animal rights protests have used red paint to symbolize blood. Whatever you might think of the tactic, it gets the message across. Here, flour is supposed to symbolize what, exactly? Matzo (or unleavened bread, for anyone not down with the Old Testament and cultural Judaism) is made of just flour and water, and it's more symbolically loaded than any other flour product I can think of. Eaten on Passover, matzo represents hardship and adversity. So, okay: Kim Kardashian is inflicting hardship and adversity on animals by wearing their fur, so she should be pelted with flour to be reminded of the suffering she's causing to living things? Yeah, see? Convoluted and sloppy.

On the other hand, I've never more enjoyed a news story about Kim Kardashian. It turns out flour-bombing, while fundamentally harmless, is deliciously humiliating: I can only imagine the scene backstage post-incident, the star's entourage falling all over themselves trying to wash the clumpy wet flour out of her over-processed hair.

It must have been a real ordeal, because Kim Kardashian is now talking legal action against the flour-bomber. Even though the animal rights activist isn't associated with PETA, the media-savvy organization is stepping up to the rogue activist's defense. Their advice for Kim? "If anything, Kim should get a life, the very thing that she denies animals."

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