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See Lady Gaga Makeup-Free, Doing Duckface

Whether or not you like Lady Gaga (I don't and I'm not sorry), you'll agree that her over-the-top fashion choices and extreme beauty looks almost justify her stratospheric fame. Since Mama Monster normally seeks attention by bedazzling her eyelashes with Swarovski crystals or shoving lit cigarettes up her nostrils or whatever, it's a big thing when she shows the world her bare face.

Lady Gaga No Makeup

Yesterday, Lady Gaga decided to Tweet a mini-photoshoot from the bathroom, and since there weren't any makeup artists on hand, we got a rare glimpse of the pop star's naked face. Here's what we learned: even the most famous performing artist alive can't take a photo of herself without pulling out a duckface. And I can't decide whether I find that more funny or sad.

[via DailyStab]